Commercial moves are completely different from residential moves. They require a special expertise—something that regular moving services don’t always offer.

Here at All 50 States Moving, we have specialized in commercial moves for more than 8 years. Corporate offices, retail stores, restaurants, banks, law firms—these are just some of the businesses we have worked with over the last decade. Companies based in New Jersey and the surrounding area can benefit from our excellent customer service and get a return on their investment.


Unlike most residential relocations, commercial moves include the transportation of highly sensitive documents such as employees’ tax records and internal accounts. Most businesses will also have a computer system with valuable data. Data protection legislation in the United States requires business owners to keep these documents and programs safe and secure at all times, including when moving to new premises.

All 50 States Moving transports all sensitive material with care, providing businesses with the peace of mind they need. We carry out extensive background checks on all our staff and always use the best business practices. 


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